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 Agrì di Valtorta

Agrì di Valtorta - Slow Food Presidium

Rare "pearl dairy", today also protected by Slow Food.

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Country Italia
Region Lombardia

Pack of: 30 g


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Valtorta is a small town in the Val Brembana of about 300 inhabitants, where still resists a dairy tradition unique: here, in the local dairy cooperative, but also in homes, is produced Agrì, a small cylindrical cheese of cow's milk in the raw dough whose particularity is given by the production technique that requires three days of processing and a special dexterity on the part of the cheese maker.

After an acid coagulation of the raw milk obtained thanks to the junction with a little acid whey retained from the previous machining and the addition of a little rennet, is left to rest in the basin covered by a cloth. After a day ago to drain the mass in linen cloths hanging for another day. The third day you put into molds from cottage cheese and it still leaves 24 hours. Then the curd is kneaded, now very high acidity, with a little salt, the handling of the cylinders to form three inches in diameter and about 50 grams and placed to dry a few days.

The Agrì consumes between 8 and 15 days, but it is interesting even after over a month of aging. As a young cheese is a sweet taste, aroma and delicate bouquet. The paste is white and soft in the fresh cheese, but becomes more compact in the aged and always has no eyes. The crust, absent in the fresh product, with seasoning is transformed, assuming a color ranging from yellow to gray.

At one time, when from Valtorta connections to the valley floor were anything but easy, women Valtorta kneaded what was called "sour dough" and took her walk on the trails of the mountain inside baskets and bundles to nearby Valsassina where it worked then cheese.

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