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 Clarified butter

Clarified butter "Ghee"

For your preparations "gourmet"…

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Country Italia
Region Veneto

Pack of: 250 g


In stock
Excellent seasoning with strong quality dietary and food, prepared according to traditional recipes of Ayurveda, the science of the ancient Vedic Civilization. Keeps very long at room temperature. Ghee is clarified butter produced by common unsalted butter, after heating it over a slow fire to eliminate the watery part, protein and lactose. At room temperature appears moderately strong.
The color is yellow, with lighter shades or more intensely golden, according to the content of carotenes. This, in turn, depends on what the cows have eaten.

Even in our area, especially in mountain regions, it makes use of ghee (butter), but the method of preparation Indian is more complex and gives the butter health properties considerably higher.
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