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 Camembert de Normandie A.O.C.

Camembert de Normandie A.O.C.

A great classic in its most authentic, very different from the "Camembert fabriqué en Normandie" and "Camembert"…

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Country Francia
Region Normandia

Pack of: 250 g


In stock

Well ... if the Roquefort bleu is the world's most famous, the French Camembert cheese is definitely the world's most popular. Its edible rind, white when the cheese is fresh and hazel if refined, its creaminess and its taste of terroir make it unique. Still, it is instead one of the most imitated cheese in the world. How then to recognize the true original Camembert?
Must first be presented in its characteristic wooden box of 250 grams and fundamental aspect, is the wording on the packaging; Camembert the only authentic and that you should try it must return the word "Camembert de Normandie" which means that it is produced exclusively in Normandy, from the milk of cows that graze only in Normandy. This will then be compulsorily followed by the words "au lait cru 'Camembert de Normandie because it can be produced only from raw milk and unpasteurized. Sometimes, also read "Moule a la louche" reported when depositing hand a curd successful in the molds for aging. It is not permissible to use pasteurized milk.

Then there are the Camembert fabriqué en Normandie (which are produced in Normandy almost always pasteurized milk and milk from other areas) and Camembert with no other definition that are produced in other countries, with pasteurized milk and maybe also sold in tin vacuum, no-comment.

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