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 Feta D.O.P.

Feta D.O.P.

The original, made ​​from mixed sheep and goat milk.

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Country Grecia

Pack of: 250 g min.


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The only original Feta is greek, produced in a defined area with sheep's milk or sheep's milk and goat and mature plants located in the same area for a few months remaining in the brine.
The term 'feta' is derived from the greek fetas, in reference to the method of preservation of the cheese, sliced ​​pickled.

Currently it is produced in many countries of Europe, but it is almost always imitations made of pure cow.
In 1996 it received the Protected Designation of Origin, but it is still going on a strange situation standby caused, it seems, by some multinational dairy sector which would therefore no longer called by the same name their products made in areas that nothing have to do with Greece.
In the kitchen is often used for the preparation of salads, baked vegetables or cheese croquettes, but the hand that plays the role of undisputed protagonist is undoubtedly the Greek salad, with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and black kalamata olives in the same region.

Beware of imitations !!!

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