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 Pecorino di Fossa di Sogliano al Rubicone

Pecorino di Fossa

An ancient cheese, saved by the barbarian invasions thanks to the valuable where it was hidden...

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Country Italia
Region Emilia Romagna

Pack of: 250 g min.


In stock
In Emilia Romagna, precisely in Sogliano al Rubicone (ancient village in the hills of Cesena crossed right from that river before whom Julius Caesar uttered the historic phrase "the die is cast"), the belly of the earth hides an important secret. It is certain that it was dug in the ground tuff and rich in sulfur, are used to mature a cheese to taste and smell is a rarity: the "fossa cheese", which devotes Sogliano even a festival that takes place Every year at the end of November.

The origins of these wells dug in the tuff not exactly known. Probably a few centuries ago, when Italy was crossed by the raids of invaders, the farmers of the area they adopted this solution to hide the food and fodder for livestock. Once escaped the danger, that is, after a few months, they reported in the light of the various provisions, and discovered that the cheese, unlike other foods, turned acquiring new tastes and smells wonderfully enriched.

Is thus presented with a straw color and compact texture but tending to a slight ginning; the penetrating aroma typical of most noble mold; the slightly spicy flavor tending, with some hint of pleasant aftertaste.

The "pit" is in fact the best product with pure sheep's milk collected in the months of April and May, that is, when the crop is much better; and small forms, weighing about 600-700 grams, they must first be placed in an initial aging cellars for about three months. The day of August, for the cheeses produced by the very few lucky ones who manage to rent a space, the adventure begins in the pits: the cheese is put into pockets of white canvas, marked (by operation still performed with a special paint based ground coal and linseed oil) and weighed in order to ensure the two owners were a mite in proportion to the weight of each product that has ripened.

At this point, the cheese remains for three months in the dark at a higher temperature than the outside and begins its transformation: from soft and savory becomes compact and spicy. In November the pits are discovered to bring to light or, better said, the palate of the gourmet lovers, a masterpiece of our dairy production.
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