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Ovalie Cendree

Ovalie Cendrée

A splendid goat cheese from the Loire, aged under ash by Hervé Mons ... an authentic refinement!

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Country Francia
Region Loira

Pack of: 150 g


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This splendid goat cheese is produced in the Loire Valley and is subsequently refined with ash by Hervé Mons, considered one of the best refiners in France, in its own caves located near Lyon. It has an oval shape, hence the name, and with a wrinkled surface and dark gray color (due to the ash with which it is aged).
The under-rind is pleasantly creamy and the internal texture has a more “silky” consistency, thus creating beautiful tactile sensations in the mouth. The flavor alternates lactic sensations with others slightly savory with citrus and undergrowth nuances. In summary… a marvel!

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