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 Pecorino Romano D.O.P.

Pecorino Romano D.O.P.

Irreplaceable on some historical recipes...

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Country Italia
Link www.pecorinoromano.com/it

Pack of: 250 g min.


In stock

Pecorino Romano really seems to be one of the oldest cheeses in the world. A native of the Roman is described in detail in the works of many authors of ancient Rome as Pliny the Elder, and Columella. Right in the treatise De re rustica of the latter is found a detailed description of the techniques for processing milk sheep that carry their own thinking about this product.

The ability of long-life and high nutritional value made it a staple food for the sustenance of the Roman army. Virgil tells us that it was established a daily ration of one ounce (27 grams) to be distributed to each legionary to complement spelled soup and bread.

It comes with an ivory color, a grainy paste that is suitable for grating, an intense aroma and taste quite savory. Irreplaceable product of the great classics of our food culture, cheese and pepper, "griccia" amatriciana, pesto sauce and many other dishes.

Fun fact: despite the name, because of the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes occurred in the 60s, today the Pecorino Romano DOP is almost exclusively produced in Sardinia and, not surprisingly, also the Consortium has its headquarters in Cagliari !!!

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