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 Piacintinu di Enna

Piacentinu Ennese D.O.P

Cheese "solar" and old, today also protected by Slow Food.

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Country Italia
Region Sicilia

Pack of: 250 g min.


In stock

Between the mountains and the valley of Erei Dittaino, in the province of Enna, the springs are very rainy and humid summers. The rich vegetation (on, vetch, rosemary and fennel as well as numerous other plants of the Mediterranean) that grows between 400 and 800 meters above sea level makes it one of the Sicilian provinces with the largest number of sheep farms: Comisana, Pinzirita, Valle del Belice are some of the Sicilian native breeds reared in these hills.

And, since ancient times, from their milk combined with saffron grown in the area, you get the piacentinu, pecorino, like that, in the local dialect. There are several anecdotes related to its production. Legend has it that Roger I, Count of Altavilla, already the eleventh century cured depression wife Adelasia inviting dairymen of the place to add a pinch of saffron in the preparation of cheese.

Produced in the nine municipalities of the province of Enna, is compact paste and unique: it is flavored with saffron - which gives the dough its characteristic yellow color - and black peppercorns - place to soak in hot water the evening before the production. The processing technique, which involves the addition of hot water to the curd, and the careful use of salt make it one of the less aggressive cheeses of Sicily, the "more European".
(Source: Slow Food)

After a maturation of about 60 days, has a delicate aroma and flavor aromatic and sweet due to the presence of saffron, but with the progress of maturation takes smells and tastes more intriguing.

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1 reviews
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05 Feb 2023
sicuramente uno dei migliori e più originali formaggi di Erasmo Gastaldello che ti proietta nella Sicilia dell' Alto Medioevo dove le contaminazioni nella preparazione dei cibi erano la regola. Lo colloco a pari merito con lo stupendo caprino di Selles sur Cher, disponibile sempre nella vastissima scelta di Famiglia Gastaldello

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