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 Puzzone di Moena

Puzzone di Moena P.D.O.

By Val di Fassa, a cheese of the past…

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Country Italia
Region Trentino

Pack of: 250 g min.


In stock
It 'a cheese very distinctive, recognizable for the crust moist, covered with a greasy film, particularly for the sharp smell and the unmistakable taste. When cut, it presents a pasta filled with white or pale yellow with a few well.
It is obtained from raw milk and is aged a minimum of 90 days up to a maximum of 8-10 months. It 'a tasty cheese that meets the favor of consumers who appreciate the flavors of the things of the past. The name was introduced in the early seventies, as the cheese, dall'autoconsumo went to a progressive marketing outside the production areas. The name "Stinky" clearly defines the characteristics of the product; the term "Spretz Tzaorì" (tasty cheese) it is the translation Ladin.

Production area

Puzzone Moena or Spretz Tzaorì is produced in the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa; meadows and pastures ranging from a minimum height of 1000 meters to 2000 meters of huts for the pasture.
The production of "Stinky" takes place exclusively in the dairy Predazzo and Moena, which monitors compliance with specific and strict standards of milk production and processing of the same: in particular given to cattle, are banned completely silage, in feed formulation is to be done exclusively using noble raw materials and good quality, processing is forbidden to use any additive even if permitted by applicable law.
On this fine cheese of the dairy products of Trentino is being practical to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin ".
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1 reviews
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06 Apr 2021
Vale la pena
Noto. Però la fattura e provenienza sono miglori di quello comprato a Moena (supermerato)

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