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Fresh cheese typical of our mountains in Vicenza area and great to be cooked… 1 Kg. sliced and packaged in single slice.

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Country Italia
Region Veneto

Pack of: 1 Kg.


In stock
Tosella is a typical product of our area (Asiago Plateau, in the province of Vicenza) and sees his own production peak coinciding with the alpine period from May to September .

It is a very fresh cheese, pretty much still at almost the curd stage and therefore with a considerable part of the serum in it, whose origins seem to go back once again to the simple and most archaic of its functions meet the daily needs of feed herdsmen.
With the use of Tosella was thus preserved the most valuable, marketable and profitable farm cheese, once also used as a bargaining chip or to pay duties to the farmers and today the major income factor thanks to the greed of the frequenters of our plateau.

From the standpoint of "technical", Tosella is a fresh cheese, soft cheese, made from cow's milk and that shows a white color and a moderately elastic. It is a cheese to be eaten fresh because, containing a lot of moisture and salt, is not suitable for seasoning.

Someone eats also "tout court", right seasoned with a little oil or chopped into a summer salad, but its flavor cannot in this way satisfy the most demanding palates, and so here is the path to sublimation is really short: just a ride on the grill, or a small "tirabaci" of butter in a hot pan where they then lay the slice of Tosella, or panfried and, finally, a quick passage in a saucepan into oven, in a few minutes you'll have a very appetizing dish in the mountain tradition wants it completed by grilled polenta and maybe fresh wild mushrooms.
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