Babbi Viennesi (16 pezzi)

Cantucci Toscani I.G.P.

Typical Tuscan biscuit, with Chocolate chunk

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Country Italia
Region Toscana
Ingredients Wheat flour,Sugar,Bitter chocolate 20%,Eggs,Milk,Butter,Honey,…
Allergens egg, milk, butter, wheat

Pack of: 250 g


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This typical Tuscan biscuit was born in the second part of the Middle Ages and its word seems to derive from "Cantellus" which means "Part": exactly, in ancient times they represented the final part of the sweet thread that the bakers prepared for the noblest families and left to farmers.
In addition to their usual function as a biscuit, today they are typically accompanied by Vin-Santo: the sweet fortified wine of Siena, it is customary to soak the biscuit inside the glass of wine so as to be able to soften it and make it a little sweeter.
(Text taken from the manufacturer's website) In this version there are chocolate chunk instead of almonds.
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