Garzotto Mandorlato glass 300 g

Garzotto Mandorlato glass 300 g

Since 1840, a world of sweetness…

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Country Italia
Region Veneto

Pack of: 300 g


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In Cologna Veneta, a small town in the southeast of Verona, of Roman origin and with the noble architectural imprint of Venice, which originates the history and charm of this specialty unsurpassed and superlative quality still faithful throughout the recipe and the traditional processing.

It was 1840 when the apothecary Rocco Garzotto had the inspired idea: Mix together what the ancients called the food of the gods, that the honey with egg white, sugar and peeled almonds. Of course, along with these simple ingredients and precious it took all the technical expertise and the creativity of the inventor, as well as a slow and laborious process that lasted and lasted until today more than nine hours, for which manual intervention and was remains irreplaceable.

From mouth to mouth, fame, and therefore the sale, of Almond passed soon the walls of Cologna Veneta. The limited production of almonds from the nearby valley of Illasi was not enough to meet demand. Then Rocco Garzotto, perfectionist and heir to a tradition that wanted the ships of the Venetian Republic abandon the serene lagoon and facing the seas on the spice route, went to look for the best ingredients to where they were born: almonds Ceglie del Campo, the precious honey Zafferana, fresh eggs closer to home.

No additives, no flavor, no semi-finished product, only the ingredients and origin of such places: nothing has changed over time. To keep the original recipe, handing down the will of its inventor, to lead the company, to take an active part in working with the traditional method is still family Garzotto.

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