Ricciarelli with Chocolate - Gluten Free - 250 g

Ricciarelli with Chocolate - Gluten Free - 250 g

An excellence from Siena, known all over the world… Gluten Free

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Country Italia
Region Toscana
Ingredients Sugar, Almonds, Egg White, Dark Chocolate 12%, Honey, Ammonium Biarbonate, Sorbic Acid, Flavourings.
Allergens almonds, egg

Pack of: 250 g


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The Ricciarelli di Siena date back to an ancient recipe of the fourteenth century thanks to the importation of the Ricciardetto della Gherardesca marzipan (from which these biscuits take their name), returning from the Crusades. This recipe was immediately a huge success, in fact Caterina di Sforza wanted ricciarelli in her wedding menu.

Today ricciarelli are one of the most traditional products of Sienese culinary culture, the Antica Grocery Manganelli offers its most traditional recipe based on almond paste, egg white, honey and sugar that is jealously handed down from generation to generation, in this version with chocolate added.
Unmistakable for their softness, a symbol of freshness and quality, our ricciarelli are able to conquer even the most demanding palates. They are kept in a cool and dry place, but not in the fridge!
(Text taken from the manufacturer's website)
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