Lardo d'Arnad D.O.P. affettato da noi

Lardo d'Arnad D.O.P. freshly sliced

Taste "fresh" and delicate... that melts in your mouth!

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Pack of: 100 g


In stock
The Arnad Lard, product designation of origin (PDO), is obtained from the only spallotto pigs weighing more than two tons from farms in the Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.

Adequately degreased and then squared, is left to mature in "doils" old containers of chestnut wood or oak, within which, the layers of lard are overlaid to the top, alternated with a mixture of salt, water, spices, herbs and aromatic mountain herbs.

Here the lard is left to mature for at least three months.

E 'during this process that the product is realized, developing the smell and highly prized organoleptic characteristics which distinguish it.

Each slice is white when cut, with a possible grain of meat on the surface and slightly pink center. Tasting it melts in your mouth leaving the palate a pleasantly sweet taste.
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