Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P. affettato da noi

Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P. freshly sliced

The Lard of Giannarelli, simply the best!

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Pack of: 100 g


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Giannarelli is a historic producer of pig fat in Colonnata, in the province of Massa Carrara and its establishment is directly located on the Apuan Alps from which we can obtain the precious marble used to build the "hollows" where the lard rests and matures.

If you pass by the parties Colonnata, do not miss a visit to Giannarelli, you can enjoy a taste of "live" and you will be amazed also by the unique beauty of this plant, which now has every wall built entirely of white Carrara marble!

But, beyond that, what makes the lard of Giannarelli unique ingredients are some "classics": a family devoted to this production for several generations, the choice of an exceptional raw material (Giannarelli also chose to join the Consortium Gran Padano DOP Pork to ensure the traceability of all its production and quality of raw material used and certified), the marble basins of choice, a tanning aromatic secret and passed down for centuries and so much passion.

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