Sopressa Venetian

Sopressa Venetian

Sopressa is, by several centuries, the symbol of our region, witness and protagonist of many festive occasions and large tables with friends…

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Country Italia
Region Veneto

Pack of: 1,600 Kg min.


In stock
Sopressa Venetian, is produced using the best parts of the pig but it is mainly the amount of ossocollo, shoulder and thigh to determine the quality of the dough and, therefore, of the finished product, but without forgetting the great skill of the "butcher" (l 'engaged in slaughtering).

The size of sopressa is much larger than that of salami, because this has to mature for a long time without losing its typical softness. Even the dough inside is like salami, but the taste and scent are much more intense and "fascinating", although in sopressa is never put the garlic.

Sopressa is, by several centuries, the symbol of our region, witness-starred in countless occasions of celebration and great "Timber".
Even today, in farming families, the killing of the pig is synonymous with celebration, families gathered, joyful and endless conversations, ..... in short, is a great event. It starts early in the morning by boiling the water required to wash and shave the pig just killed. All day bagging "noses", "luganeghe", "bondole", salami and, above all, delicious sopresse, ending the night in front of the fireplace "to spun" (chat), perhaps with a "Bagigi" and a good glass of red wine.
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