Bottarga - Tunafish Roe

Bottarga - Tunafish Roe

Prized tuna roe, salted and dried according to ancient Mediterranean habits…

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Country Italia
Region Sicilia
Ingredients tunafish eggs, salt

Pack of: 100 g


In stock
The tuna roe is a product of great value to enhance degree superb pasta dishes or tasty appetizers, but in summer try it crumbled on a fresh buffalo mozzarella P.D.O.
Bellied are immediately extracted the bags containing the precious eggs that are salted and exposed to air to begin so the maturing stage.
From fresh, these "hams" delicious have a color that tends to orange load, while the continuation seasoning are a dull brown increasingly, compacted and becoming even more flavorful.

Usually, we tend to prefer the less seasoned bottarga to prepare excellent appetizers, sliced in strips and "enriched" with a thin drizzle of olive oil, or served on a toasted buttered bread, while the more seasoned bottarga triumphs with its full flavor in a hot plates of spaghetti.
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