Organic Scottish Smoked Salmon - Sashimi cut

Organic Scottish Smoked Salmon - Sashimi cut

A very delicate salmon cut with the "Sashimi" method, excellent for your "oriental" preparations.

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Country Regno Unito
Region Scozia
Ingredients Organic Salmon (Salmo salar) 97%. Sale.

Pack of: 80 g


In stock

To obtain a superior quality product, we carry out the most important processing steps by hand. After having filleted the salmon, we sprinkle it with coarse sea salt and let it rest for a whole night. We then wash it, dry it for 12 hours using an innovative horizontal air flow process and smoke it for 3 hours at 30 ° C with fine virgin beech wood. The time has now come to lower the temperature to 0 ° C for about 48 hours, as if it were a small seasoning, to then pass it into a special room where it is packaged in the different cuts and formats required by the market. Salmon from the Atlantic (Norwegian and Scottish) is never frozen after processing and packaging in order to preserve the taste and texture of the meat intact.

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