Stockfish - Limited Edition

Essential to prepare the authentic "Baccalà alla Vicentina"…

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Country Norvegia

Pack of: 800 g min.


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Codfish !!! Synonymous with meeting succulent delicacy by much gastronomes, which is repeated regularly to Friday of each week for centuries.
And for such a tradition rooted in the people, there's no way that the Vicenza, punctilious in tradition, agree to change that word made of secular history, but equally wrong in his genuine etymology. The cod, what the people of Vicenza intend, honor and tasted, is nothing if not the stockfish.

The names stockfish and stockfish, express only two different ways of treating a single fish, cod, or "Gadus morhua," the family Gadidae, bony fish of the suborder Anacantini; treatments due to very specific climatic and environmental conditions for its preservation. The family Gadidae counts 140 species grouped in turn in 15 genera.

Of our fish are rich Norway, Iceland, Greenland, the Baltic Sea and Newfoundland, where there dominates clean water and very cold, while the vulgar, or Hake, is present in the Mediterranean, but with different characteristics. What interests us, is the order of the Gadus morhua Teleostei, the greenish color or brown, with yellow specks on the back and a white lateral line on the whole body, from the abdomen brownish. Up to a meter long, five feet, and weighing up to 50 kg. Fishing center are the Lofoten Islands North Coast of Norway that swarm of thousands of fishing vessels between December and April. The fishing is done with nets and hooks. Are used for bait squid, or other fish steaks.

So "cod", which is not cod, but cod: the people of Vicenza they know what it is, but continue and will continue to call the stockfish 'cod'. " Why? It is not ignorance, but of rational and deliberate terminological differences dictated by a phonetic reason. That was fine, because "cod" was more akin to our Venetian dialect, easier to pronounce that no cod. The name, therefore, albeit incorrect, will endure for centuries, and continues today, so as to create threads and not a few confusions among compatriots not Venetians used to call or fresh cod salted cod, stockfish and dried cod to the winds of the North. (Edited by ALDO Dall'igna)

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