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Maple syrup

Maple syrup: great natural sweetener with a high content of minerals. Irreplaceable on classic pan cakes, is also very good with yogurt, ice cream and fruit salads.

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Country Canada
Ingredients maple syrup

Pack of: 250 g


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Maple syrup is a sugar liquid obtained by boiling the sap of the sugar maple and black. It is the second natural sweetener fewer calories (about 250 calories per hundred grams) passed only from molasses; has a high mineral content. Besides being used in cold countries, for the high calorie and nutritional properties, maple syrup is known for its cleansing properties as well as energizing.

Already the Iroquois Indians of Canada knew the processing of maple sap. Originally was treated to obtain crystals that served as a surrogate for sugar cane. Only later it was discovered the possibility of obtaining syrup.

Maple syrup is produced today from the eastern provinces of Canada and in some areas of the United States. The sap is collected in early spring (usually in March or April) when the maple is in a dormant state, in growing areas known as sugarbush or sugarwoods. The sap has solid substance by about 3-5%, largely consisting of sucrose. It is also composed of malic acid, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamins and phenolic components. The syrup comes from the process of concentration of the sap, which is carried out in buildings specifically calls sugarshacks or cabanes à sucre; can be classified according to the degree of refining (for example, from most to least refined: fancy, grade A, grade B). For one liter of syrup, it takes 40 liters of maple sap.
Canada is responsible for over 80% of world production; The province of Quebec is the largest producer in the world, with 75% of the maple syrup produced each year.

In New England, Quebec and parts of Ontario, the manufacturing process of the syrup has become part of popular culture: residents of metropolitan regions they visit at least once a year the sugarshacks, where dishes are maple syrup served in a rustic and homemade. The maple taffee (literally: candy maple) or tire sur la neige is prepared by pouring a kind of hot caramel, obtained further concentrating the syrup, in the cold snow; candy so made is then eaten on sticks mo 'lollipop.
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