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La Motticella - Passata di Pomodoro BIO 300 g

La Motticella - Organic Tomato paste 300 g

Organic tomatoes ancient varieties for discerning gourmets…

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Country Italia
Region Puglia
Ingredients Round tomato, little tomatoes, basil, all organic. No dyes or preservatives.

Pack of: 300 g


In stock

Two thirds of tomato round torremmagiorese, a third of blanched tomatoes prunilli together several minutes, drained in baskets of steel because lose all the liquid, past and packed in glass jars with a fresh basil leaf. No dyes or preservatives.

All are certified organic tomato and business philosophy has been very much in contrast with the more aggressive commercial dynamics: were recovered ancient tomato varieties as the real "San Marzano", the round "Torre Maggiorese" and lowercase "Prunilli" all from low-yielding old vines. No dyes or preservatives.

The family Petrilli leads always this splendid farm located near Lucera, in the province of Foggia, with an almost obsessive attention paid to the growing and processing of tomato that is still harvested by hand and peeled, washed and put into jars.

And yet, the company has applied to tomato growing practice of "green pruning" is usually reserved for the vines to get grapes of great quality; in this case, by eliminating the small tomato plants just developed and will leave less still green fruit in which the concentration maximum aroma and flavor. Are then proposed in pots "limited edition. A single drawback: once tasted no longer able to abandon them ... Enjoy it.

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