Zafferano di Città della Pieve

Saffron of Città della Pieve

Città della Pieve Saffron

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Country Italia
Region Umbria
Ingredients pure saffron

Pack of: 0,250 g


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The production of saffron in Città della Pieve from 13th century
The Statute of Perugia of 1279 bears witness to the production of saffron in Umbria and therefore in Castel della Pieve from at least the 13th century, as the document forbade the population of Città della Pieve to allow strangers to sow the seed. It was a sort of customs protection operated by the authorities of the dominant town. The Statutes of Gabella of Castel della Pieve of 1530 included a description of the harvesting of saffron among other topics. They gave detail of how producers from the Città della Pieve had to report the quantity to the Commune by 8th November and then pay the tax. There were fines for those who did not report it correctly and informers were encouraged with a large reward.
The Statutes of the “Danno Dato”, also of 1530, gives a detailed list of all the possible damage to fields of saffron by persons or animals and any compensation for the owner. From this we can assume that the production of saffron was extremely important for the economy of the town. The plant was certainly used mainly to dye fabrics, as Castel della Pieve was an important cloth-making centre from the 13th century onwards. At the end of the 70s, the agronomist Alberto Vigano, planted a few bulbs of saffron from Spain on his property in the area around Città della Pieve. Other cultivations by farmers from Città della Pieve, who were also fascinated by this spice, developed from this experience during that period. In June 2002, the Consorzio Alberto Viganò "Il Croco di Pietro Perugino – Zafferano di Città della Pieve" was founded with the practical collaboration of the Town Council of the Municipality of Città della Pieve, the Comunità Montana “Monti del Trasimeno” and the Faculty of Agriculture of Perugia, alongside other organisations, such as “Gal Trasimeno Orvietano”, “Slow Food – Condotta Trasimeno” and Trade Unions.
The Consortium consists of 30 members. The saffron is only sold in strands to guarantee it is genuine.
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