Wholemeal corn flour

Wholemeal corn flour

White, yellow, orange, red, purple ... cobs of 5 colors for this fantastic polenta and dessert flour.

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Country Italia
Region Veneto

Pack of: 1 Kg.


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Mixed of ancient local varieties cultivated according to nature and stone ground.

Mixed of local varieties of maize, originating from different parts of the Veneto region and cultivated by two young boys in Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) respecting the natural balance, without synthetic treatments or herbicides.
Handpicked and selected, dried in the open air, as tradition dictates. The result is a rustic grain flour, with an intense flavor and excellent nutritional qualities, guaranteed by the colorful colors of the cobs (white, yellow, orange, red, purple) and by the presence of germ and bran.

Ideal for savory and sweet preparations.

“The motte del rio are located at the foot of Monte Grappa, in the Veneto foothills, in an area historically suited to the cultivation of corn. For some years, Stefano and Francesca, two very young entrepreneurs have decided to return the role of this campaign to its origins, recovering ancient varieties of wheat and resuming its cultivation in a completely natural way, without synthetic treatments or herbicides.
The manual selection of the best cobs and natural drying in the open air, combined with the subsequent stone grinding, allow these colorful cobs, also beautiful to the eye, to give us a flour that presents itself with a rainbow of colors.
When cooked, this flour conquers fans with the scent and flavor of the past and thanks to the abundant presence of germ and bran, enriches our body with precious allies, such as zinc, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

A polenta prepared with this flour rises to the role of "his majesty on the table" and becomes a fantastic combination with many dishes, both sweet and savory. In our area it is certainly paired with Vicenza-style cod, Soppressa, seasoned Asiago cheese ... but with this flour the biscuits are also very good, for example the Zaeti.

Enjoy your meal!!!

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