Càp_art - Cà Apollonio ARTE - LIMITED EDITION 1 -

Càp_art - Cà Apollonio ARTE - LIMITED EDITION

The art of making wine, wine becomes art: every year, for Christmas, a contemporary artist will create a new series of works that will become labels. A box of ART to drink in only 100 exclusive copies. For 2021, ANTONIO RIELLO.

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Country Italia
Region Veneto
Grapes Vitigni PIWI

Pack of: 4x0,750 L


In stock

The art of making wine, wine becomes art: it is Antonio Riello, the contemporary artist who was involved in the first edition of this ambitious project. Only 100 numbered and signed copies for which Riello has created exclusive labels that characterize the four wines.
A unique opportunity to purchase what will become a collector's item, to be stored and exhibited not only in the cellar, but also in your living room, study or work environment.
Furthermore, those who purchase the work, thanks to the payment of 30% of the revenues that the Cà Apollonio company will make to "I BAMBINI DELLE FATE", will also contribute to supporting their inclusion and autonomy projects, aimed at improving the lives of many , too many families living the challenge of autism and disability every day.
Personal page of the artist: www.antonioriello.com

The package contains the following wines, all obtained from PIWI vines and under the guidance of the young and award-winning winemaker Nicola Biasi:

3-6-9, the progenitor that takes its name from our company time schedule. After 3 years of green manuring, necessary to bring the soils to ideal nutritional values, adopting only natural methods inspired by regenerative agriculture, we have planted the first vineyard of Souvignier Gris which has expressed a very elegant wine, which despite being just born continues to collect recognition and positive reviews.

DōMINES, the result of the union of two very different wines: Bronner and Johanniter. The first, fresh and savory, gives the blend brio and lightness. The second, complex and structured, helps to enrich the taste and the body making it extremely intriguing.

GISLA, a surprising "easy orange" that wins you over from the first sip. A wine with structure and character that wants to combine the variety of grapes it comes from with its territory. Cold maceration for almost 24 hours allows the extraction of color and aromas from the thick skin of the Souvignier Gris in a delicate and controlled way.

MASNADA EZZELINA, our first red wine: a blend obtained from two blends of resistant PIWI “zerochimica” vines, Regent and Eidos, which is aged in French oak barrels for one year from its vinification. We called it MASNADA EZZELINA, in homage to the millenary history of the area that hosts our organic farm: Romano d’Ezzelino, in the heart of the Veneto foothills.

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