Carlotto Rosolio

Carlotto Rosolio

A sweet liqueur with 27ø alcohol based on distilled and alcoholized flowers and fruit from Central European climates, blended with Hungarian Rose oil.

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Country Italia
Region Veneto

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Makers of fine liqueurs in antiquity, the Carlotto-Potepan family has been cultivating this passion for generations. The origins of this passion date back to the 15th century, to the Hungarian ancestors of the Potepan family who, in the early 19th century, brought the Hungarian art of pastry and liqueur production to the Viennese imperial court.
In those days, in fact, confectioners were also skilled liqueur producers.
So it was that the Rosolio of Anton Potepan, ancestor of Beppe Carlotto, became the liqueur of choice for Central European aristocracy.
One special moment amongst the many? April 5, 1875, Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria, during an official visit to Venice, gifted Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia, King of Italy, with Rosolio.
Driven by that same passion and with great skill, Beppe Carlotto, together with his wife and daughter, purveys his exquisite liqueurs in his shop, a source of pride since 1919 for his family and for the Valdagno that treasures all things good, beautiful and genuine.
The antique and famous liqueur and wine shop (the classic “bottega da vino” of the late 19th century) in via Garibaldi, known and frequented by countless experts and connoisseurs from around the world, is deservedly numbered amongst the Historical Sites of Italy (only 3 in the province of Vicenza).
Today, just around the corner at via Mastini 8, you’ll find Le Bontê di Carlotto II, a new shop dedicated entirely to precious delicacies, selected and purveyed with love and professionalism.
Carlotto also furnishes CaffŸ Florian in Venice, one of the oldest and most famous caf‚s in the world. Their products can also be found on board the new flagship of Costa Crociere, the Costa Atlantica. Classic (or Central European) Rosolio, long enjoyed by the courts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is produced here at Carlotto & Co. on the basis of the antique recipe left to us by Great-grandfather Potepan Onesto, born in Hungary and a famous maker of liqueurs in Vienna. So it is that the Rosolio by Carlotto & Co. conserves the characteristics of that historic rosolio: a sweet liqueur with 27ø alcohol based on distilled and alcoholized flowers and fruit from Central European climates, blended with Hungarian Rose oil. An ensemble of aromas dominated by the, at once, gentile and decisive presence of Hungarian rose.
Given its moderate level of alcohol, it can be served throughout the day, as was the custom in times past. It was, in fact, served in all the Central European courts: Vienna, Trieste, Budapest, and Venice.
For our present-day customs, we recommend serving Rosolio after meals, better if chilled, and in small quantities (10ml).When served before coffee or for that special treat, serve Rosolio in a small cup made of dark chocolate.
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