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Company Ethos

An obsessive quest for quality and authenticity motivates us.
Knowing where a product comes from, how it is made and who makes it truly matters in the sharpening of our skills in selecting products and rating every detail to entice our customers' palate

Advanced technology allows for just about anything to be replicated (cold rooms, ageing rooms with sophisticated controls, etc.) but we believe the place where a product originates is simply irreplaceable. Dry and breezy or wet and humid climates, natural grottos or underground cellars, plains, soft hills or mountains, each with its own characteristic pastures and animal breeds are just some of the aspects that play a fundamental role in an authentic qualitative tradition. Our task is searching for products that are rooted in the various areas: products that can trigger thrilling sensations!

Products obtained with ancient, authentic, traditional methods and made with ancient tools still exist. This does not mean flaunting hygiene regulations, but a coming together of wisdom and knowledge, handing down know-how conquered through centuries and generations of passionate work. Our role is to bear witness to such ancient traditions and offer products that not only boast attractive packaging or practicality, but real soul!

This is one of the aspects of our work we like best. Getting to know who makes what, meeting people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, happy to take responsibility for their work, whose face radiate with love and pride for every single product they make, able to tell that product's story in the minutest details, letting you access the product... In this instance, too, when technologies can make anything, the precious added value resides in the worth of a person and his or her experience and knowledge. Our role is to meet these people to hand on, through their products, authentic and thrilling stories of lived lives!

Once we have visited the places, deepened our knowledge of the methods and met the people, it is all up to us. The experience acquired through the years has refined those skills to choose and evaluate every single product and yet, sometimes, it is still not enough. Our role is then to discuss further in order to reach a shared decision. This is the time for blind tasting where several similar products are stripped of their identification labels and aligned as neutral numbered samples. We then proceed with the blind tasting that, without the undue influence of packaging or other details, will make us select, univocally, only the best!

More about us:
In 1995 our family decided to acquire a small artisan workshop for the production of sauces for pasta, known as Silvella. Since then, we have enjoyed playing with this small toy where Corrado puts his culinary skills to the test and bottles our sauces made from absolutely natural, first choice ingredients, without preservatives nor added flavourings, colouring or any other chemical additive.
After about 6 hours of very gentle simmering in open saucepans containing no more than 30kgs of product, we bottle the sauces and sterilise them in the autoclave, exactly the way you would do it at home with an ordinary pressure cooker.
To make our products, we follow the teachings of the illustrious Pellegrino Artusi who, around the end of the 19th century, in his book Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, wrote: “If you do not aspire to become a premier cook, you need not have been born with a pan on your head to become a good one. Passion, care and precision of method will certainly suffice; then, of course, you must choose the finest ingredients as your raw materials, for these will make you shine.