Tabasco Verde Jalapeno Mild

Green Tabasco Jalapeno Mild

The sauce Tabasco Green Mc Ilhenny is produced using green peppers Jalapeno the type that give it a more delicate flavor. It is indicated to flavor fish, poultry, salads, soups, pizza, pasta.

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Country U.S.A.
Region Avery Island
Ingredients wine vinegar, Jalapeno peppers (25 %), water, salt, corn starch, thickener E415, E300 antioxidant.
Allergens corn

Pack of: 57 ml


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The sauce Tabasco® born from traditional processing of chilli peppers, grown in the island of Avery and matured on the plant, under the blazing sun of Louisiana. Careful selection precedes the seasoning.

Tabasco is a very versatile ingredient, which gives the dishes a spicy flavor typical of chili, but also a sour note, typical of the vinegar and fermentation in wooden barrels, unique feature that characterizes this beautiful product. It is said that the secret of the famous Tabasco sauce are the peppers from Avery Island that grow under the scorching sun of Louisiana.

The story goes that it all started when in Mexico, in 1848 a US soldier gave his friend Mc.Ilhenny, escaped from the island of Avery because of the American Civil War, overtime chiles from Tabasco. When he returned to Avery, after the war, his property was destroyed and planted the seeds of these chiles, McIlhenny decided to prepare a sauce that was called by his friends "the wonderful sauce McIlhenny" and he dubbed Tabasco, because she wanted to remember him the land from which came the raw material. It was then, in 1868, the family decided to make that resource a business: the famous red bottle with green collar conquered not only the palate of Americans, but also arrived on the tables day worldwide.
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